Game On

The battle between Fancy & Flannel Friday has begun: Who will win?

Why did you start your flannel/fancy wear Fridays?

“I started participating in Flannel Friday because it was a fun way to celebrate reaching the end of the week. It also is a unique way to bring people together,” Abigail Wolf

“I got a couple new suit jackets over summer and I wanted to be able to wear them, but with COVID-19 everything was getting cancelled (including possibly school). So, the first Friday I just wore one to school while I still could, and then I kept doing it afterwards,” Luke Morrison

Is it every Friday? Some Fridays?

“Flannel friday only happens once a month, in an attempt to make it more special when it does occur,” Abigail Wolf

“Every Friday is Fancy Friday,” Luke Morrison

What are your proudest Fancy/Flannel Friday moments? Your most memorable moment?

“My favorite Flannel Friday moment is of course just walking into a room on Flannel Friday and seeing a lot of people, even people I don’t know, wearing flannel,” Abigail Wolf

“My favorite moment with Fancy Friday was in October, after about a month of me just dressing up with a friend or two, watching as it went from three, to 20, to 50 and then close to 100 people dressing up,” Luke Morrison

How does dressing this way make you feel?

“I’m always very excited for Flannel Friday, especially when it’s a busy week and there isn’t much to look forward to, it’s a way to make waking up and going to school less of a burden,” Abigail Wolf

“It always makes Friday feel special and like it’s worth celebrating, along with having confidence and professionalism,” Luke Morrison

How do you encourage others to do the same?

“I encourage people to participate by simply announcing to all my classes that Flannel Friday is coming up this Friday, people are generally pretty excited, except for the Fancy Friday participants of course,” Abigail Wolf

“I honestly don’t encourage people to dress fancy much at all. The best way to promote the fancy is to be fancy because (unlike flannel) people take notice,” Luke Morisson

Is it expensive? How much money have you put into your outfits?

“I haven’t really spent much at all on flannel Friday, usually I’ll get one from Goodwill for just a few bucks.” Abigail Wolf

“It definitely depends on the person. I know some people like to go hard with like 300 dollar suits, but I tend to simply go thrifting at Goodwill or something if I want a new one. At the very least, I think people tend to have at least one fancy fit they tend to bust out at special occasions,” Luke Morrison