Boys Track Runners Get Personal Records at FZE

Despite some hiccups during competition at Fort Zumwalt East, varsity boys continue to succeed.


Natalie Walsh

Senior Reed Easterling lays in pain after getting a personal record in the 1600 meter race.

Track & Field’s last meet was Friday April 16 at Fort Zumwalt East. In previous years, this meet was “one to remember.” It was said by alumni athletes and coaches that the relay meet at FZE was the most memorable track meet each year.

Because of COVID-19, this year’s meet was not the typical meet of the past that was jam packed with relay after relay, instead it was laid out like the standard meets Francis Howell Central athletes have already competed in this year. 

Yet even in their attempt to limit athletes’ exposure time, FZE was able to maintain an aspect of fun with their “thrower’s relay,” where the field throwers were able to enjoy everything Track & Field is about.

Aside from the enthusiastic moments at FZE, there were also several athletes who performed exceptionally well. This all boys varsity meet was where senior Reed Easterling was able to obtain a season record in the 1600 meter race. After getting a 5:02 on his mile, he feels he has more confidence moving forward.

“The last 200 meters I just kicked it,” Easterling said. “It’s really good because now I know that I can do it and I can get back to the level that I was in sophomore year.”

Easterling’s high school personal record is 4:56 and he plans to practice further to break five minutes 

“Even though it wasn’t quite what I wanted, I still take it as a win and I’ve gotten closer and I know exactly what I need to work on,” Easterling said. 

In a different event, junior Jack Schriber got a personal record in the 300 meter hurdles despite his unfortunate turn of events.

“Well I hit a hurdle. And knocked it over. And my shoe came untied. So that was the bad part,” Schriber said. “But I [got a PR] so that was the good part.”

With his new time of 50.41 seconds, he is considered the fastest 300 meter hurdler on the boys varsity team despite the fact that this is his first year trying hurdles.

“This is my third time doing [the 300 meter hurdles],” Schriber said.

And when asked what advice he had for himself going forward, a simple four-word sentence was sufficient:

“Tie your shoes tighter.”