Drawing A Crowd


On Monday, Sept.12th, the National Art Honors Society (NAHS) held its first after school meeting, which gives students time after their school day, every Monday, to pursue their interests in art, being able to do and create whatever they wish. NAHS also does many other projects around the school, the most recent of which is helping with decorations of homecoming and working on their decorations for the homecoming parade. Sponsor Mrs. McCune explains how NAHS is going to handle the homecoming float.

“We are going to participate in the homecoming parade,the theme is going to be the sixties and seventies dressing as hippies,” McCune said. “It should be super fun and we’ve already started a really cool banner.’’

Students and parents will be able to see the NAHS club and what they’ve been working on at the homecoming parade next Thursday, Sept. 22nd after school, starting at 7:00 pm. Other clubs and activities will also be displaying their floats that night.