Key Change


     The FHC Choirs gave their first seasonal performance the Monday before fall break, Oct. 17th.  Chamber Choir, the most advanced choir, concluded the concert with a piece titled “Jabberwocky,” written entirely in gibberish. Seniors Analiesa Hollowood and Kaden Bollinger performed the spoken intro together. 

     “Oh, it was lots of fun,” reflected Bollinger. “It worked very well, because we are both very expressive and over the top, and we had about the same mindset going in. I think it worked well together, the two of us.”

     The choirs have been getting to know both each other and their new director, Mrs. Donna Solverud, who transferred to FHC over the summer. Despite learning to adapt to the new teacher’s style and personality, the choirs all pulled together to give their all at their first showcase. Their next concert will be Thursday, Dec. 15th, featuring many winter classics.