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The projector behind the stage wishes the Class of 2023 a congratulations, accompanied by a bouquet of roses awarded to all seniors.

One Last High Note

Brock Slinkard and Andy Waliszewski May 15, 2023

Senior nights are always so emotionally complicated. Bittersweet smiles, tears of both joy and sorrow, pride in one’s own and their peers’ accomplishments through the years, and missing people...

Seniors Elaina Rainwater, Maddie Arle, and Magi Temelkova work the mural.

A Delayed Display

Andy Waliszewski, Staff Photographer April 26, 2023

After an unfortunate delay due to a severe storm warning, FHC's fine arts department finally got to host their annual festival. Last Tuesday, Apr. 17, the art classes showcased their best artwork,...

Senior Sammi Routh sits and contemplates her part of the song while another section learns their part.

Auditions Towards a New Direction

Avah Pauck, Staff Photographer November 7, 2022

Mrs. Donna Solverud hosted auditions open for all choir students for her new after school choir on Wednesday, Oct 19. Many enthusiastic choir students gathered in room 005 during their seminar just...

Mrs. Solverud leads the choir

In Tune

Sarah Schmidt, Staff Reporter November 3, 2022

Choir continues to harmonize with one another as new Director Donna Solverud takes over for Mrs. Baird. After a change in positions at the end of last year, former choir director Mrs. Baird became the...

Seniors Analiesa Hollowood and Kaden Bollinger take a bow.

Key Change

Andy Waliszewski, Staff Photographer November 2, 2022

       The FHC Choirs gave their first seasonal performance the Monday before fall break, Oct. 17th.  Chamber Choir, the most advanced choir, concluded the concert with a piece titled “Jabberwocky,”...

SIGN, SIGN, SIGN: Choir is shown performing at their annual winter concert. The performance is similar to a practice round for chorale before they go to MMEA.

Winter Choir Concert

Rebecca Hornberger, Staff Photographer February 23, 2022

On Friday, Dec. 3, the FHC Choirs performed their Winter concert at Calvary Church. The performance was outstanding with all five groups singing three to four songs each. Sophomore, Rebecca Turner, is...

Mikayla Jacobs and Hannah Rodriguez looking at Mrs. Baird for direction.

Hitting the High Note

Chloe Schwab, Staff Photographer February 22, 2021

Possible budget cuts occurring in the state may affect the fine arts programs at Francis Howell Central, such as the choir program. Many students use choir as an outlet to their normal school routine,like...

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