One Last High Note

Senior nights are always so emotionally complicated. Bittersweet smiles, tears of both joy and sorrow, pride in one’s own and their peers’ accomplishments through the years, and missing people who are standing right next to you. It can be tough to deal with the conflict of happiness and sadness during a final game or performance. Though choir is more of a class than a club or sport, the emotions and connections have the same effect. On Thurs. May 4, the choir department hosted a senior celebration preceding its final concert of the year, with various awards in between. Senior Emma Williss, who ended up winning the vocal music department award, recalls this night with a reminiscent sigh.

“I’m gonna miss this a lot, but I feel like I’m leaving it in good hands,” Williss said. “Solverud is just the person we needed to replace Baird. She knows what she’s doing, she knows how this program works now and I think she will do great things in the coming years.”

Though the 2022-2023 concert season is officially over, there are still more ways to engage and interact with the choirs before the school year ends. On Tues. May 23, all choirs will be hosting a barbecue party after school from 3-5pm.