What A Year For Cheer


Andy Waliszewski

Junior Natti Reise is sprang into action during a cheer appearance.

The Cheerleading program has been hard at work building a community united in their goal of bolstering school pride throughout the school. From sporting events to cheer appearances, time and dedication are required in order to ensure these events are the best they can be. This past season has brought many opportunities for those in cheer to compete in competitions that have been unavailable these past few years. These opportunities have brought the team together, and created an environment in which lifelong friendships and memories can be made.

“My favorite experience this year was NCA speed camp this summer! I just loved bonding with the team and learning new things with them,” senior Natti Reise said.

Many who participate in cheer have personal strategies they like to use in preparation for competitions and appearances.

“I often like to talk myself down and just run through the whole routine in my head,” McKenna Zoellner Said. 

General excitement and school spirit are drastically increased when accompanied by cheer appearances. 

  “When us cheerleaders work together with the student section and even the parents, it creates such a fun and hyped up atmosphere at events! Sometimes we like to initiate fun little games or chants to do with the student section which makes the environment very fun,” Reise said.

Building a sense of community between members of the cheer program is crucial for creating an environment in which the team can work and improve together. A mutual feeling of struggle and growth helps accompany shared experiences between members.

“Before competitions I just try to be the hype man for the rest of my team and hope that something I say will really affect someone and help them get through the nerves and the physical pain our bodies go through during competition season,” Reise said.

Many underestimate the effort that goes into preparing and performing for those in cheer. Stereotypes surrounding the team often negatively affect those within cheer, who can feel unappreciated and misunderstood.

“Everyone thinks cheer is just standing on the sidelines yelling chants but there is really so much more to it. We work really hard to be there for all the sports programs at our school as well as other school activities, so we just like to be appreciated by the people that we are always there for,” Reise said.