Spartans stopped short in championship run

The Spartans experienced a devastating 2-1 loss on Saturday, Feb. 20 against Christan Brothers College (CBC). With hopes of ending the season as champions, the seniors are now finished for their high school careers. The varsity team ended its season 19-5-3.

The game started off with high hopes of the team winning and moving on to state; hopes rose when junior Kyle Novak was the first to score. However, when the second period rolled around, CBC scored two goals back-to-back, causing Spartan fans to become silent.

“I could see the disappointment in everyone’s eyes when CBC scored,” said junior Julie Diller. “The whole student section was dead quiet, and you could tell that we knew this was it.”

The boys had a good run, according to frequent hockey fan junior James Urban. Now that the season is over, where does that leave the senior players?

For senior Anthony Bonner, he is looking at pursuing a career in business management.

“I might play hockey for Missouri State, but I really haven’t decided yet,” said Bonner.

Although the hockey season is over for the Spartans, the memories throughout the season will stay with Central fans and players for years to come. According to Bonner, he will never forget the Central vs. CBC game where they tied it 6-6. He considered it his hardest-fought game yet.