Five teachers who have had worse dates than you

In honor of Valentine’s Day, five FHC teachers share their worst romantic encounters.

Ms. Ashley Wager


“It was a blind date in high school or something, and this guy gets out of the car, and he’s really scraggly looking, he had like sort of chin hairs that were way too long. We were going to have dinner or something; I don’t even know, but I do remember that he stopped at the grocery store to break a 100 dollar bill; I don’t know why he felt like he needed to do that in front of me, but he did, and he only bought a York Peppermint Pattie, so the cashier lady was mad at us because she had to give him 99 dollars. I hated him from the start; he was annoying, and he kept trying to hold my hand, and I was trying to keep my hand away.”


Mr. Nick Beckmann


“In high school, I took this girl to homecoming, and she left with her new boyfriend. We had planned this out like two months in advance, and a few days before the dance she started liking this other guy. So we got to the dance and all the sudden she was gone, I mean she didn’t even say goodbye, she just bounced.”

*Mr. Beckmann would later get that girl back, date her for a few weeks, then proceed to dump her. HEYO!


Mrs. Patti Shockley


“Back in highschool, I was dating this guy, and one day we were going out to a high school basketball game. So he pulls up to pick me up with all of his friends, and when we get to the game he realizes he’s out of gas, so he and his friends siphoned gas from a school bus. I was getting worried because they acted like they’d done this before. We never ended up making it into the game, and (needless to say) we weren’t dating after that.”


Mr. Ryan McCoy


“I had a date with a girl who used to be a future administrator for a school, and she got a piece of paper out before the dinner came and started ranking me on different things and started giving me grades on different things, like I opened the door and got an A+ or I was courteous to her or I said I liked her cat. She was like ranking me as a potential boyfriend. I ended up scoring pretty well, but there was never a second date.”

Mr. Don Lober


“It was in my junior year, and I asked this girl to a dance, and we had like two dates; we were going to the dance, and we were going to go out and buy a tie or something to match her dress. So I picked her up at her house, and I had my parent’s big Chevy Impala. So I was backing out of her driveway, and I drove over her trash cans; I dragged them down the street, and they were aluminum trash cans, so I destroyed two of her trash cans. So we went shopping, and the next night we went to the dance, and halfway through the dance she informs me that she’s leaving with someone else. She thanked me for taking her, but she wanted to go with somebody else, so I guess that’s what you get for driving over somebody’s trash can.”

*Mr. Lober’s date would later become a Rams cheerleader and decide that she liked him again at their ten year reunion.