Buzz-in system provides added layer of security

New system brings on more changes for those arriving late to school

Eden Gundersen, Spotlight Editor

New school year, new security tactics. As many might have noticed if they were recently running late to school, a new buzzer system is in place to let them in.

Administrators also have plans to add onto the new buzz-in system sometime this coming summer with district rewarded money. So, not only a buzz-in system, but something a bit more challenging for intruders.

“So far, I think everything’s gone really well,” said Principal Sonny Arnel about the recent changes. “In the future, we hope to have a partition wall built that would make the buzz-in system come all the way into the building.”

Although just a buzz-in system can’t prevent the worst from happening, secretaries and administrators alike will have a better sense of who is coming into our building during the day and also during after school events, according to Dr. Arnel. This new change could also be the beginning of all sorts of security systems

“It usually takes a couple seconds to let people into the building,” security guard Patrick Tarr said about a usual day at the student entrance’s security checkpoint. “We usually let about 25 people in on our side.”

Dr. Arnel believes that this new system, while not perfect, will provide a greater sense of security for our school in an average school day.

“We don’t want it to be difficult to enjoy school. So, the buzz-in systems, will it stop the worst from happening?” Dr. Arnel said.  “No, but I think it allows us to have a greater sense of who’s coming into our building, why they’re coming into our building. It allows us to help ensure a safer environment.”