5 Reasons to kill your console

Reasons to switch to a PC

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Jake Roach, Staff Reporter

Hello there! My name is Jake and I will be writing the Wednesday blog here! This blog focuses on all forms of entertainment;Movies, music, videogames, and even books are all fair game. Now I love entertainment in every form, and somewhere down the line it connected with me like it has with everyone else.

Being able to sit and live in a world that can be instantly created around you provides a feeling unlike any other. I love it, and one the most immersive experiences in this large umbrella are video games. I am PC gamer(the most immersive you can get in my opinion) and here today to tell you why you should be too.

With the recent release of the Xbox One and PS4, the anger towards Microsoft and Sony has grown even stronger, and even more “fanboys” have been made for either side. I’m here to tell you the days of console gaming have died, and the days of PC gaming have been rebirthed. So why should you kill your console? Here’s why:

1. Money

The age old argument against PC gaming is that it is much more expensive than consoles which is simply not true. Let’s do a bit of math. A new console is $500 dollars, with an online membership($50/yr) plus a couple of games($120) and a cheap laptop so there even is a computer($500). So it’s $1,170 to just get started with a console for a mediocre gaming experience and a mediocre PC experience. When if you can combine the two, you can get a great PC experience and a great gaming experience for about $800 for parts of a PC.

2. Graphics

The graphics on PC can be pushed so much harder than that of a console. Because console want to be a “family room” experience, they lose some shine in game, while a PC will always be on the cutting edge of graphics, pushing the envelope in terms of visuals. Games like “Crysis 3” and “Battlefield 4” look their absolute best on PC.

3. Backward Compatibility

A huge issue with the newest generation of consoles is the lack of being able to play old games on that system. In fact, developers have intentionally made the systems that way so they can get a customer to rebuy versions of games they already own. On PC, games from 25-30 years ago can run no problem, and are generally free.

4. Exclusives

The best titles on PC are the ones that are exclusive to it. Not only is there “Starcraft”, “Might and Magic”, “Counter Strike”, etc. but there are also a wealth of independent games that are so original it’s baffling. Games like “The Stanley Parable”(a game that talks to you), “Legends of Grimrock”(Old school dungeon crawler, and “Shovel Kight” (throwback to the NES) are so much fun they need to be played to be believed.

5. Mods

Lastly, and arguably the most important part are the mods. Games on PC can be tweaked to be whatever the gamer wants it to be, whether it be Batman running through Skyrim or the original Half-Life with graphics that rival games out today, PC gives limitless possibilities. In fact, modding gave rise to some of the best games out today. “Counter Strike” was originally a “Half-Life” mod, as well as “Team Fortress”, which means that the next big game developer might just be a lone modder right now.

How to build a PC(its’s really easy actually):www.youtube.com/watch?v=lPIXAtNGGCw

Extra information: https://teksyndicate.com/

Steam(PC gaming platform):store.steampowered.com

Of course if there is any questions, suggestions, or anything you’d like me to do or not do, email me at: [email protected](don’t ask about the name, I’ve had it since I was 8)