Tennis starts season undefeated

The varsity boys tennis team has started the season with a record of 2-0, with a 6-3 victory over Fort Zumwalt East on Monday and a 9-0 victory against St. Charles High on Wednesday night.

With the new varsity set-up, there are six top spots in the varsity gold category. This season’s top six in varsity gold is sophomore Sean Nanney, senior Justin Arndt, junior Ryan Pham, senior Derek Hoerman, juniors Neel Kothari and Eric Chin.

Head Coach Don Lober sees both advantages and disadvantages to the new gold and silver varsity format.

“It’s bad because fewer kids are allowed to compete on gold, but it’s also good because it allows two more people to play on the varsity level,” said Coach Lober.

The coach has specific items that he wishes the team to improve on throughout the course of the season.

“We need to be more competitive in our top spots,” said Coach Lober. “We have the depth we were lacking last year, but now it’s the top that needs to boost its game.”

Coach Lober hopes that the combination of depth and output from the top players will result in success for the team this season.

“We want to come home with some hardware,” said Coach Lober, “whether that is a conference, district or state title.”