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Andrew Messerli

Matthew Cochran May 7, 2012

No matter what the question you have, on or off topic, he will lessen and do his best to answer the question. This teacher make a personal sacrifice to stay after school to give one-on-one attention to...

School administration pushes forward

Matthew Cochran April 11, 2012

The next few weeks of school are going to be wild ones, all the way to finals. Starting next week the school will be under block scheduling for EOC. Monday and Tuesday will be English I and Wednesday...

Riding into finals

Matthew Cochran March 28, 2012

Third quarter is one of the more difficult quarter to work with due to the fact there are no holidays and no break within it to give students and staff a breather from school work. But despite the challenges...

Administration prepares for end-of-course exams

Matthew Cochran February 23, 2012

The school administration has set out the proposed End of Course (EOC) testing schedule for this spring. The day will consist of four blocks, block one, two and four will be an hour and a half long. The...

New semester brings few changes

Matthew Cochran January 24, 2012

Second semester comes with few changes to the policies to the school, but a big change is the new class schedules which involved many students’ schedules to completely change. “I have gotten mixed...

Administration sets sight on finals

Matthew Cochran December 5, 2011

The school administration’s one focus is final exams and doing all they can do to help students prepare. They are making sure that all of the curriculum if finished so that students can do their best...

Final exam features changes

Matthew Cochran November 14, 2011

With finals only a month away, Principal Dr. Sonny Arnel has sent out a new final exam schedule for this semester. Finals this semester will be Dec.19-21. “The last day will be a late start,” said...

Second quarter bring changes

Matthew Cochran October 21, 2011

The school administration is moving on to second quarter with a few new rules concerning the home football games. Middle school students are not allowed to enter the stadium without a parent escort. This...

School administration busy with Homecoming

Matthew Cochran September 19, 2011

The school administration is preparing for Homecoming on Oct. 1. They are currently working on getting the ballots and the voting for the Homecoming kings and queens. They are working on spirit week and...

Administration excited for new changes

Matthew Cochran September 7, 2011

With the first few weeks of school over, with little to no bumps or bruises, the school administration is looking forward to things that are happening with in the athletic department. The administration...

School administration starts year smoothly

Matthew Cochran August 22, 2011

With the school year just getting started, Prinicipal Dr. Sonny Arnel and staff are focusing on a smooth transition from the summer break to the new school year. They want to make the school inviting...

Football team helps community in need

Matthew Cochran August 18, 2011

This past May, Joplin, MO. had a devastating tornado go through the heart of town, destroying everything in its path. There has been a constant cleanup effort ever since. The football team took its team...

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