Pacifiers and Poop Jokes

Vin Diesel stars in the 2005 hit

Zoe Michals, Staff Reporter

April 3, 2020

We’re all trapped in our houses. For the greater good, but nonetheless, it is boring. There’s not much to do or see, and there even becomes a point where it’s hard to find something to watch. Staring at a screen, rotting your brain, starts to feel like a chore. So, here’s a movie to spice up yo...

Taking on the Triathlon

Anasofia Carrillo and I gloat over our fake medallions after our real triathlon. The triathlon took us around 1.25 hours to complete.

Natalie Walsh, Print Assignments Editor

March 31, 2020

Triathlons have always been something that I thought of as interesting, but were too scary to try. Until last Sunday.  On March 8, I decided to celebrate National Women's Day by taking on a triathlon with a friend of mine. Because this was our first triathlon, we decided on the short course, w...

Top Five Movies to Watch During Coronacation

Top Five Movies to Watch During Coronacation

Kayla Reyes, Print Editor-in-Chief

March 24, 2020

Here are a few great movies to occupy your time during this extended break. Hopefully they’ll keep your mind off of the anxiety-ridden world and the plethora of problems you may be facing.    Number Five: “To All the Boys P.S. I Still Live You” The sequel to “To All the Boys I’ve ...

A New Kind Of Rom-Com

LEADING LADY: Rebel Wilson; known for her roles as side characters in Pitch Perfect, Bridesmaids, and Jojo Rabbit; finally got her role as the

Morgan Kromer, Staff Reporter

March 7, 2020

“Isn’t It Romantic” introduces a new way to look at topics such as homosexuality, women in the workplace, and especially self-love. This romantic comedy features Rebel Wilson as Natalie who goes on a mental crusade at her workplace against romantic comedies, only to find herself placed in her own....

The Light In The Darkness

Sarah Percy, Staff Reporter

March 4, 2020

When I first grabbed this novel off the library’s shelves, I was expecting a typical romance story. A story of two young teenagers that meet in a coffee shop as the sun breeches the windows and shines a light onto the girl’s porcelain face. They instantly fall in love at that moment and become insep...


QUEEN FOR A DAY: During the many mishaps of this season, Sabrina has to decide what to do with her fate, and maybe even compete to do so. Sabrina has many trips to Hell this season as she fights both Lucifer and a new character, Caliban

Morgan Kromer, Staff Reporter

February 19, 2020

Part three of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina recently came out on Netflix in January and, of course, I had to binge. After so much happening at the end of part two, with Lucifer coming back in his celestial state at the hand of Sabrina, things took a turn for the worst in Greendale as the story picke...

Properly Productive Snow Day

What a real snow day should look like: abundantly covered in sparkling fluff.

Kierigan McEvoy, Wed Assignments Editor

February 7, 2020

Every kids dream: waking up to absolutely zero snow on the ground but somehow getting out of going to school for the day. It can’t get any better than that. Sleeping in until 10:00 a.m. (or later because, you know, high schoolers), moving your hibernation from your room to the couch (for those not coo...

“Jersey Boys” Jives

The story of the band behind hits such as

Megan Percy, Web Editor-In-Chief

February 7, 2020

Walking into the beautifully ornate house of the Fabulous Fox Theater, the simplistic set seemed situationally ironic. Just a couple of poles, wooden boards and the background of a sunset coming up over the dark silhouette of a small town made up the set of what was one of the most renowned musicals i...

A Night of Smiles

Jessica Nuckolls and her buddy with Emma Clasen. On the night of Febuary 8th, 2019, at a Night to Shine.

Emma Clasen, Staff Reporter

January 31, 2020

The night starts off with a red carpet. You hear your name announced and the crowd cheering. You feel on top of the world, like a celebrity. You walk into a room with lights of many colors and upbeat music. Your confidence boosts, you’re still nervous but your buddy makes you feel safe. You feel t...

Arcade on the Go

Arcade on the Go

Craig Eddy, Podcast Editor

January 22, 2020

When I heard about a new subscription service being added to the Apple App Store, I was initially very skeptical. As someone who has a general distaste for subscribing to a continuously paid program, this market ploy wasn’t very appealing. Creating something interesting or appealing then locking it be...

“Tragical Romance and All”

In season three of

Faith Beckmann, Staff Reporter

January 10, 2020

January 3, 2020: I woke up to the alarm I set for myself blaring “Ahead By A Century” by The Tragically Hip. At first I wanted to go back to sleep, as usual when I am forced awake, but then I remembered something. Today was the day I had been looking forward to for months, “Anne With An E” se...

Frozen Fanfare

The main characters from Frozen are shown in front of the Frozen 2 logo.

Faith Jacoby, Staff Reporter

December 6, 2019

This movie has been anticipated for six years by people (arguably) of every age group. I remember seeing Frozen in the theater with my grandma and two little cousins when I was ten years old, and I loved it. Now that I am sixteen and got to see Queen Elsa in the theater once again, I was overjoyed. Ac...

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