Ultimate Frisbee triumphs over tough teams

The Ultimate Frisbee team played Parkway North on Saturday, April 9. The Spartans won, 16-14. According to Coach Jason Becker, the team did well against Parkway North due to its ability to get the disc moving very quickly. As the other team mastered this tactic, Coach Becker believes this is a skill that his team could improve.

“We need better transition,” said Coach Becker.

An additional obstacle that the team faced and defeated was Daniel Scribner, a player on the Parkway North team.

“We had a hard time dealing with him,” said Coach Becker.

According to Coach Becker, Scbribner has good competence on the field. However, the Spartans still prevailed.

Another game took place against Marquette on Sunday, April 10. This game was also won by the Spartans with a score of 15-2. So far, the Spartans are 4-1.

On Coach Becker’s team, there are a few players whose skill stand out to him. Offensive captain, senior Westly Groth, is one of those players.

“He played well this weekend, especially in the wind,” said Coach Becker. “His throws are solid.”

A second player that Coach Becker pointed out was senior Eric Zvanut.

“He has constant intensity,and always keeps everybody focused,” said Coach Becker.

The next game that the Spartans will participate in will be held behind Henderson on Saturday, April 16.