Alex Erb pitches team to victory over Vikings

All eyes were on junior pitcher Alex Erb. He had struck out the first two players at bat in the fifth inning and only had one player left—one player to strike out, one player ready to hit, one player standing between Erb and striking out the side in the fifth inning.

“If a pitcher isn’t throwing strikes, the whole team’s attitude is down,” Erb said.

Rising above the pressure of the game, Erb was able to strike out all three players.

“After the fifth inning, we were in charge,” Erb said. “I had a chance to bring my team home.”

That is just what Erb managed to do. The only run the Vikings were able to score was during the fourth inning. The Spartans scored two runs before the fifth and two after. The underdog Spartans were able to beat the nationally-ranked team 4-1.

“We were the underdogs, and we came ready to play,” senior second baseman Dylan Schindler said. “We had nothing to lose.”

Schindler started the game with a double off the wall, which added to the optimism the team had coming into the game.

“We have really been playing well,” Schindler said. “We knew we could hang with a nationally ranked team.”

Erb was also optimistic before playing one of the team’s biggest rivals.

“[The Vikings] had the pressure on them,” said Erb. “They were the ones [who] were supposed to win.”

Coach Ray Howard is hoping that this win will further the focus of the team and keep its attitude high. According to him, it is anyone’s game in GACs.

“[We] played a good game and it was a great win, but we told the boys we have a lot of unfinished work to attend to,” said Coach Howard.

This win brings the team’s record to 12-3 and keeps the team’s eight game winning streak alive. The team’s next game will be Tuesday night against Holt.