Ultimate frisbee prepares for state championship

As the Spartan ultimate frisbee team moves further into the season, it continues to show hard work pays off. Last Sunday, the team played against DeSmet Junior Varsity as well as Priory Junior Varsity in a doubleheader. Coach Jason Becker’s team won both, with a score of 15-12 against DeSmet and a score of 15-4 against Priory.

Although the turn out of the game against DeSmet was positive, the beginning was not as favorable. Coach Becker had to sit quite a few players out due to the fact that they showed up to the game late.

“They didn’t look on the website and went to the wrong field,” said Coach Becker. “It was hard to find, but I did make the directions available.”

At the start of the game, there were about ten players who were on time. That leaves ten other players that were not there when they needed to be. According to Becker, when a player takes time away from the game, the time must be payed back by the player. So, during a chunk of the game, the late part of the team had to sit out.

“We played the whole first half with less than our best,” said Coach Becker.

The Spartans were losing at half time, with a score of 4-8.

“Not to take anything away from those players; they still played well,” said Coach Becker.

The game played against Priory, however, went fairly quickly.

“They had trouble with complete passes and basic fundamentals,” said Coach Becker.

This upcoming weekend, on Saturday and Sunday, the Spartans will be competing in the state championships. Coach Becker’s team will be entering as the second best team there. The team will play three games on Saturday, and depending on how well they do will judge the amount of games they play on Sunday.

“It’s very possible for us to win the championship,” said Coach Becker. “We beat a team that was the champ for three years, and we’ve lost one game. Our other opponents, we’ve pretty much dominated.”

On Tuesday, the team practiced basic defense that Coach Becker said he saw could improve during the most recent games. Today, the team will be practicing offensive and defensive skills.

“To make sure they’re ready to handle any situation,” said Coach Becker. “It’s our year.”