Girls do not place in Eureka, GACs approaching

The track season is coming to a close, and the girls team is preparing for the coming GAC’s. The team ran in a meet at Eureka last week but did not place.

“There were somewhere between 15 and 17 teams there, so it was competitive. Also, the first day was rained out so they skipped all of the preliminary races,” said sophomore Kristin Warncke, “However, Alyson Martin ran her fastest mile. That was our highlight.”

Not looking back and pushing forward to the final meets of the season, the girls are working harder at practices, according to Warncke.

“Now, we’re just glad that what we’ve been working for all season is finally here. The only downside is that districts is next week on the day of Prom,” said Warncke. “So I guess we’re just going to have to run faster that day so we can get out of there quicker.”

Warncke says the girls do not have a long way to go and they are wanting to go out strong.