Juniors take free ACT

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February 27, 2015
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For juniors April was a big month. On the 26th they took the ACT. Which was provided by the school. The ACT normally costs around $30 and is nonrefundable once it gets closer to time of the test. For Juniors such as Morgan Cabral this was a great opportunity to raise her ACT score without the price.

“It is nice to not have to pay for the test, honestly, it takes a lot of money to take the test multiple times,” Cabral said.

After the exam the juniors were released to eat lunch that was provided for them by the school. For juniors such as Jonathan Aubuchon, this was a great way to relax after the hours of sitting during the exam.

“The exam was kind of mind numbing so it was nice to sit outside and talk with friends,” Aubuchon said.

Leading up to the exam can be stressful. Students study and take practice tests to try to prepare as much as they can. The teachers also helped the students prepare by giving out practice test. For teachers such as Mrs. Sarah LaRue, this was her main priority during the first half of second semester. She took time, like most english teachers, to give out practice ACT exams as much as possible.

“For my juniors, I wanted to make sure they were as prepared as I could, even though you can never know what is exactly on the test,” Mrs. LaRue said.