Ultimate Frisbee starts season with winning record

Having played three games so far, the Ultimate Frisbee team has a winning record of 2-1. The first game, played against Parkway South, ended with a winning score of 15-5.

“We actually began the game down 4-5, but then went on an 11 point run to win the game,” said Coach Jason Becker.

The second game, a scrimmage against CBC, was won 9-4, while the most recent game was lost 15-2 against SLUH. According to Coach Becker, SLUH is just at a different point in their evolution as a team.

“We’re pretty young, a sizeable part of the roster is made up of sophomores, and have about 90% rookies on the squad,” said Coach Becker. “ By the end of the season, I predict major improvement.”

The frisbee team also feels that the season has started well, according to sophomores Nick McCullough and Eric Macy, players on the varsity team.

“I like it good,” said Mccullough. “It gives you a rush whenever you get a great throw.”

The team will face Chaminade on Sunday at 1 p.m. on their home field, Henderson Elementary.