Boys start season focused

After the boys practice track meet, they are working hard during practices to prepare for their first real meet, which is today, Friday March 30. They will be competing against eight different schools at Howell North. Although freshman Jake Drnec has just started his first season of track, he is ready to stay focused and work hard throughout this season.

“I usually don’t mess around or get distracted by other things during practice,” Drnec said. “[To get pumped] before meets, I listen to my music, just tune everything out and focus on what kind of time I’m going for and what pace I need to set.”

To help get ready for meets, the boys have been practicing different techniques to use during the meet. They have also been running different distances on the track for speed and occasionally long runs, according to Drnec.

“On most days of the week we do different distances on the track for speed,” Drnec said. “Then other days we do slow, long runs, like thirty minutes to forty minutes.”

While practicing distances and sprints is important, according to Drnec, it is also important to practice in a meet sort of setting to prepare.

“The other events are pretty much doing what they’d do at the meets, but just in practice form,” Drnec said. “[The team is also] working on different techniques to do better.”