Track team works hard to accomplish great things

The boys have only had three meets so far, and they are already doing really well, according to senior Andrew Altomare.

“We are doing really well already so early in the season,” Altomare said.

To set goals and accomplish them, the boys have been working hard and pushing each other at practices.

“We’re pushing each other and encouraging each other to do our best during practice and during the season,” Altomare said. “We are expecting big things for this season. We’re already getting off to a great start.”

According to Altomare, the boys have been giving 110% during practice in order to set great times and hopefully go to state.

“We are really working hard in practices and giving our all, 110% all the way,” Altomare said. “We are setting great times, breaking records and placing top three in all of our meets.”