Connections help frisbee team gain win

Chemistry between players on and off the field is essential for any sports team to succeed. This team connection is shown in the Ultimate Frisbee team and has helped them gain wins, such as the 15-10 win on Sunday, April 1, against Chaminade.

“For everyone meeting up this year we’re already getting along great and bonding,” said senior varsity player Jesse Spinks. “It definitely helps on the field.”

Another factor that has helped the team succeed is a qualified coach who teaches and propels the team. Coach Jason Becker has done just this, according to Spinks.

“He’s teaching us a lot and has taught the new kids a lot already,” said Spinks. “He’s doing a great job.”

In addition to helping the team win, these factors have also helped the players with little experience learn the game.

“It’s most players’ first time playing and they’re picking it up really well,” said Spinks. “We’re doing really good for the amount of experience we have.”

The frisbee players put their skills to the test in their game on Saturday against Kirkwood, but lost 8-15.