Frisbee team generates positive reaction despite loss

The Ultimate Frisbee team ended Saturday’s game against Kirkwood with a losing score of 8-15. Although this was a loss, it was taken positively and shows potential for the team.

“Kirkwood is a great team with several very polished handlers,” said Coach Jason Becker. “The fact that our squad of rookies and sophomores took eight points from them speaks loudly of our future potential.”

The frisbee team, made up mostly of new players, is younger than a lot of teams and a bit shorter than average, according to Coach Becker. However, the team also has many strengths.

“We hustle at all times and the team is learning the game’s finer points quickly,” said Coach Becker. “Also, we have a few handlers who can put the disc deep very well.”

At Saturday’s game, the team executed their offense well and made good plays on defense. To improve, the players are working to refine and strengthen their zone defenses, which continue to improve as the season goes on, according to Coach Becker.

This Sunday, the team will play SLUH’s junior varsity team, where a victory is expected.

“They’re 1-3 going into this weekend and are likely even younger and more inexperienced than us,” said Coach Becker. “I hope we’ll attack this game just as we have previous matches.”