Ultimate Frisbee places seventh at state

On May 5-6, the Ultimate Frisbee team competed in the state tournament at Priory and placed seventh out of ten teams. For the rookie-based team, this was most of the players’ first state tournament experience.

“Ironically, I think we underperformed against weaker teams and played very well against tougher opponents,” said Coach Jason Becker. “We learned a lot about what it takes to succeed in that format.”

DeSmet Jesuit, the state champion, lost six points to FHC on the way to their win.

“We scored as much as any other higher-seeded team at the tournament was able to score on them,” said Coach Becker. “We played out of our minds during that game.”

According to Coach Becker, the games lost were due to lack of experience, and he plans to climb the ranks in the coming two years. However, the team did have one win against Parkway South, who they had beaten 15-1 during the regular season.

“As inexperienced as we are, they are even more so,” said Coach Becker. “Still, we were able to tighten up our game during the second half and cinch a spot in Sunday’s brackets. They did not score at all during the second half.”

After the state tournament, the team was able to send two of its best players to the SLUJ All-Star game. The players voted to send sophomores Clay Goodman and Nick McCullough to play in the game at CBC along with two players from each team in the league.

According to Coach Becker, the match showcases the top high school talent from around the city. McCullough believes that he did well for his first year playing.

“It was a rough journey that I’ve never experienced before, but I’m grateful that I was chosen to be there,” said McCullough.

Overall, the Ultimate Frisbee team had a remarkably good season for a team made up of mostly beginners. The season ended with a record of 6-6 with four of those losses being in the state tournament and only two in the regular season.

“I enjoyed learning new throws and playing with my bros,” said McCullough.