Kennedy’s season ends with stress fracture

Sophomore Brittney Kennedy, the top runner for the girls cross country team, has been running through shin splints and leg pains for the past month and a half, and recently discovered that her cross country season is over. Instead of running cross country with the rest of the team, Kennedy will spend her next two weeks hobbling around on crutches, due to a stress fracture in her shin.

Kennedy will be out of running for four weeks, causing her to miss the district meet. Because she can’t run in the district meet, Brittney will not be able to compete in the sectional or state meet even though she will be recovered.

“I was super bummed because the most exciting part is districts, sectionals and state

and the fact that I can’t run districts, let alone state, is a big bummer because that is what I was excited about,” Kennedy said.

Kennedy was also disappointed because she feels that she is letting down the team, in terms of going to state.

“I wanted to try and get the team to state and I don’t think the team is out of the running, but I think I could’ve helped them get there,” Kennedy said.

Not only does Kennedy feel let down by her injury, the number two runner, junior Madison Grumich, also feels the discouragement.

“It’s a definite disadvantage to lose our top runner because she gives us a lot of points at the meets,” Grumich said.

Although her season is over, she is staying positive because she gets to be involved in team bonding.

“I am just excited to go to the team dinners, I’m excited to be excited to be a part of the

team, even though I can’t run,” Kennedy said.