Returning champions

Last year, the track and field team was led by a few accomplished coaches to several shining moments for FHC. One of them, Coach Bob Breuer, is returning to the team this year, and he is looking forward to the start of the season.

“I’m excited, the coaching staff is excited, we are always excited to get the season started, see where our strengths are, and to encourage the athletes to work hard to get the most out of themselves,” Mr. Breuer said.

There are some students that may stand out more than others, according to Mr. Breuer — those that put in more, he says, are going to get more out of the season.

“I think the student athletes that have put in the extra off-season training or have been participating in a winter sport are going to be very successful and have outstanding performances for themselves and for their team. The student athletes who decided the additional training wasn’t in their vested interest may lose their spots to those that have put in the additional work,” Breuer said.

As for what he expects, that is up to the students to decide.

“What I expect from the two teams are what the individuals themselves expect,” Mr. Breuer said. “If they have been working hard in the off-season playing in another sport or going through off-season training then I will expect higher level performances from those individual’s to help their team. If they ignored the opportunity to get better in the off-season, then their expectations won’t be as high and I probably won’t be able to count on them to make a state run as an individual or help their team.”

The afterschool training, Mr. Breuer says, is key; those that he expects to go above and beyond are those that have set records in the previous season.

“We are returning two school record holders [out of six school records broken], from last year’s boy’s and girl’s teams,” Mr. Breuer said. “Joe McDevitt and Jared Jefferson for the boys’ team… Kaela Henry, Destiny Corrigan, Amanda Ottinger, look to lead their relay teams to some outstanding performances this year.”

In the end, Mr. Breuer believes this season is going to be spectacular — so long as the students are willing to put in the effort.

“Champions are made when no one is looking,” Mr. Breuer said.