No break for baseball

With only a week away until their first game, the baseball team is making every practice count. With the weather inconsistent over the past week, sports teams have been forced to adjust accordingly. Senior Austin Pierce says that they’ve had to adjust their practices over break.

“Since the weather hasn’t allowed us to go outside, we have to take whatever time we can get for the gym,” Pierce said.

Pierce stated how that depending on whether the team is inside or outside determines what they do during practice.

“When we are in the gym, the infielders take ground balls and work on certain situations with runners on, then the pitchers work on pickoffs,” Pierce explained.

“When we are outside, the outfielders would be able to work out so we would be able to go over certain game situations, and play inner squad games” Pierce added.

No spring sport has a break, but baseball is the first spring sport to have an official game during break.. According to Pierce, the confidence level on the team is high, so long as they keep their chemistry.

“Overall, we are fairly confident,” Pierce said. “As long as we get along and play well, the wins will come.”

With the clock winding down until the first game, the baseball team is working to get as many drills and weight room workouts in as possible, and hope to start of its year strong.

The team’s first game is Monday, March 18th at Parkway North. The game starts at 4:15 p.m.