Review “Leggo” by B Smyth

B Smyth’s song “Leggo” featuring 2 Chainz is a slightly catchy song. That is the only thing remotely enjoyable about this song, besides for 2 Chainz of course. The video is just as bad. It consisted of B Smyth dancing shirtless, and giving side glances, which he is trying to make look attractive. Overall, I’m not impressed by this song or the video.

B Smyth took the basic route that singers coming off of Youtube do. He created a track that was easily stuck in your head featuring a famous rapper. I hadn’t heard of B Smyth until I was given this song to listen to; however, the artist had over 45 million views and 35.7K subscribers. He has covered songs from Michael Jackson to Usher.

By looking at his cover choices, one would think that he would have released a single with more depth to it, more lyrics to sing along to other than “Leggo.” But, in reality, the song is extremely repetitive and lasts longer than it should.

Also, even though I hold a lot of respect for 2 Chainz, his part in the song was not that impressive. It was as if the lyrics had no thought put into them and were just put together last minute for this song.

If I were to have heard this song come on the radio, I would have changed the station. It is one of those songs that you would only listen to once, not even all the way through, maybe a minute into it. Even then you hear more of the song that you truly need to hear. I’m honestly just unimpressed.