Gearing up for the future

Preparing for the team’s first match this Friday against Fort Zumwalt East, the Spartans prepared last week by continuing with a series of workouts they’ve trained with over the past year. Since the end of last season, they’ve been working and improving on their strength and agility in order to better themselves.

The Spartans repeated some of the intensive workouts they did over the summer in order to ready themselves for the approaching game. Senior offensive tackle Brendan Sullivan explained what workouts the team has been capitalizing on since the team began working out.

“We’ve been working out three times a week, and we work all muscles, but we really focus on our three core lifts of bench, power cleans and squats,” said Sullivan. “Those are the three core lifts for football that work your legs, chest, back, every muscle in your body pretty much.”

Along with visiting the weight room three times a week, the team has also improved on its conditioning, increasing activities such as running that would improve its endurance. Senior running back Kendall Morris elaborated on some of the things the team’s been doing to condition themselves.

“As far as conditioning the team, we did a lot of that over the summer. Lots of weight training, then after weight training we go to the field,” said Morris. “As far as getting out to the field: lots of running, agility drills, working on our pass plays. All those types of things came into play over the summer, especially for the people like myself who came to the school, who are new, and haven’t really gotten into the football program quite yet.”

However, with all the work the team’s done to get ready for the season, it appears that the team still has no time to spare, and continues to do their part to be the best they can be.

“Overall, it’s pretty much a work in progress,” said Morris. “Everybody’s doing their part: offense, defense, special teams, every day, so we’ve got one more week to prepare.”