Early momentum

Girls golf kicked off the season with a smooth victory over Fort Zumwalt South, winning 187 to 203.

“We won pretty easily, even though we didn’t shoot our best scores,” said team captain junior Caitlyn Eddy.

Eddy, a sectional qualifier last year, shot a 51, which is unusually high for her; however, she had played the match without a driver, which is a key club for her.

“It’s like my favorite club,” Eddy said.

Even with higher scores, fellow team captain junior Mackenzie McDowell feels good about the team’s scores.

“It’s the beginning of the season, and there are still a lot of improvements to be made,” she said.

McDowell herself shot a 39, the best score on the team, and was a medalist at the match.

The team’s coach, Mr. John Miller, is also enthusiastic about the upcoming season after the first match.

“I was excited about how well my young golfers played in their first match of the season. As a team, we were very close to having all 6 golfers break 50 strokes for their scores,” Miller said.

The team also dealt with the temperature spike last week, all noting feeling the heat’s uncomfortable presence in their matches, calling it annoying and a distraction.

“It was difficult walking around and carrying your clubs in the heat, while still focusing on the game and all of the precise movements you have to make in order to make perfect contact with the ball,” McDowell said.

This week, in contrast, has much cooler weather in store, as well at two matches and a tournament for the team. With one win already under their belt, the team hopes to ride the momentum of this early victory into a successful season.