Ready to win

With hard work comes great results. The FHC freshman volleyball team is ready to put all of their hard work into their games.

“The teams are doing great; we are working hard and playing as a team,” said freshman Angel Ikeda.

The freshman team is prepared for what is to come, whether they win or lose. They know that they tried their hardest and put in all of their best effort towards playing the game.

“I’m looking forward to playing JV or varsity next year, making it to districts this year, and continuing to do my best,” said Ikeda.

“They [the freshman team] are doing just fine. They have a good coach and everyday they are getting better,” said sophomore Katie Hill, a player on the JV volleyball team.

Geared up and ready to go, the freshman team is ready to jump on the roller coaster of high school volleyball. The up’s and down’s will help make this team into the best they can be. Win or lose, a great team can overcome their difficulties and create something much better. A team who works hard together while playing a game they all love.

“[Playing high school volleyball] is a great experience, because I get to play the sport I love with some of my best friends,” said Hill.

The anticipation of their game is showing the excitement and nerves settling in. But, for the freshman team, being confident will help them through.

Mark your calendars: the freshman’s first game is Sept. 3rd at our very own FHC. Come show school spirit and cheer on the team as they face Timberland in their first game of the season.