Volleyball teams conquer over Timberland

With the season in full swing, the players involved in FHC volleyball are bringing out their best effort yet. They are working together to achieve goals, make records and make friendships.

“We are all good friends,” said freshman Bridgett Bendyk, who plays on the freshman team.

As the volleyball teams embarked on the journeys of their first games, their teamwork showed. They proved just how well they can work together while making FHC come together and show pride for their very own home teams.

“We’re all strong in our spots; we work well together,” said sophomore JV player Riley Wilson.

Although there were things to work on, the teams were able to overcome their difficulties and beat Timberland in every level of each team’s first game of the season.

Although all of the teams won against Timberland, they still have many things to work on.

“We need to communicate more,” said Wilson.

Fixing these little issues will allow the teams to achieve more while doing the best they can to win.

As the FHC Volleyball teams jump into games, their fanbase will always be following. FHC is always ready for competition, and the volleyball teams prove it.