Volleyball wins big over Howell

The varsity volleyball team is at it again with a win over Howell, their biggest competitor. But now, with pride in winning, the team is ready to compete harder, guaranteeing more good results.

As the highest level, varsity volleyball players are the role models for the players on JV and freshman levels. As they strive to meet their goals, the lower level teams watch in awe as they do so.

“Varsity is phenomenal,” said freshman team member Skylar Picker. “They’re an inspiration to the younger teams.”

As a team, varsity works together to play the game. They communicate and help one another out. It is a team effort, and players on JV and freshman are learning that.

“It’s a learning experience,” said Picker. “We just need to know how to let mistakes go and stay focused all the time.”

As more games approach, all levels of volleyball are ready to come in and play as hard as they can. With their effort and strength, they will be able to conquer all.