“Bad Blood”

With their first studio album “Bad Blood,” Bastille proves that amidst Justin Bieber, Katy Perry and the other popular, cliche artists of today, there still exists some originality and uniqueness on the music scene. Although the album has gotten mixed reviews, I think that overall the album shows that there are still some artists out there that can come up with fresh material.

Bastille wastes no time saving the best for last. The album comes out kicking with one of their most popular songs, “Pompeii.” Upon its release, this song climbed to the top of the charts in both Scotland and The United Kingdom. Fortunately, word of Bastille has made its way across the Atlantic, and in no time, “Pompeii” has become a smashing hit in the United States. This song’s upbeat tempo and vocals brought me, not only the urge to continuously press the replay button, but high hopes for the rest of the album.

Thankfully, the rest of the album proved itself with the simple press of a button. My personal favorites were “Pompeii,” “The Things We Lost In The Fire,” “The Silence”and “Bad Blood,” the song from which the album takes its name.

I was continuously impressed with the originality of each song; they each had their own individual vibe. Bastille cranked out everything from chill tunes, to upbeat jams and everything in between. With this variance, Bastille will forever remain in my MP3 player, especially this album.

Lead singers, Dan Smith and Mark Crew are a true exception to most singers out there today. Not only are they very talented, but they also create the distinctive sound of Bastille through the way they sing. Although each song is exceptional on its own, the vocals tie “Bad Blood” together.

“Bad Blood” is a testament to the great talent and potential of Bastille. I look forward to seeing what else they have in store for the music world. I have no doubt that I’ll still be jamming to this album in my car years from now.