Performing Against the Nation’s Best

Sensations left for Nationals Thursday, January 30th and describe their feelings for it


Photo Courtesy of Sydney Aleksick

Both JV and Varsity Sensations team is pictured by the track. They headed to nationals this past Thursday and travelled to Disney World where the competition is held

And they’re on their way! Girls sensations left Thursday, Jan 30 for their biggest competition of the year, nationals. This competition is held at Walt Disney and includes schools across the country, meaning 100’s of schools are competing for titles. The sensations all feel confident and hopeful for success and a high place in a title. 

Prior to leaving, the girls Sensations team had a pre nationals and a competition at Fort Zumwalt North. At their pre nationals, the team placed 3rd in Jazz and 5th in Hip Hop. This competition was held at Chicago, with many teams competing from around the midwest. Senior Mackenzie Ryan shares that even when they were a teammate down, they kept their heads up in the game and performed with the confidence they gained. 

“People were down at first, but then we realize that it’s just another competition,” Ryan said. 

At the performance at FZN, the girls placed 1st in Jazz and 4th in Hip Hop, and felt pride in their performance and the results. Sophomore Alexis Barnes shares how she felt proud of the team and believes that the event was just another competition and a precursor to nationals.

“We used [the competition] as a learning opportunity and getting another set of eyes on our dances before we leave for nationals,” Barnes said. 

The team has grown and they’ve grown stronger bonds between each other. Senior Sydney Aleksick felt that the chemistry when they perform has gotten better and feels closer to more of the other teammates on Sensations. 

“The chemistry when we’re dancing has gotten way stronger and our relationship as a team has gotten stronger as well, and I like how it shows that we are a unit,” Aleksick said. 

The team is hyped up and ready to show schools across the nation what they got. Barnes feels excited that she’s able to dance in front of the audience and become closer with the team. The team feels prepared and confident and hopes for an amazing performance. 

“I am so excited, not only to dance in front of everybody but also to see other teams and become closer with my sisters,” Barnes said.