Restaurants in the St. Louis Area Set to Close Dining Rooms

Restaurants and bars in the St. Louis area have been ordered to cease eat-in services by Thursday at Midnight


While restaurants are no longer able to offer eat-in dining, they can provide carry-out services. This allows businesses to still bring in some profit.

Tuesday, officially announced at a joint news conference of regional leaders, all restaurants and bars in the St. Louis area have been ordered to cease dine-in services by midnight on Thursday. Many establishments have already put these precautions into effect, but taking these actions is no longer optional.

These regulations apply to restaurants in the  St. Charles and Franklin counties, in addition to St. Louis City and St. Louis County.

That being said, businesses do not have to close down completely. They are still able to provide window, delivery, walk up and drive-thru services. 

At the conference, St. Charles County Executive Steve Ehlmann worded it as simply “changing the way [restaurants] do business”.

There is currently no date for when the ban will be lifted, but officials remain hopeful that the area can survive the temporary closure.

In the meantime, many businesses, such as O’Charley’s and Denny’s, are offering deliveries void of an extra fee when ordered online.