Staying Connected: Screen-less

Creative ways to safely interact without looking at a screen


Kierigan McEvoy

Nice day outside? Grab the chalk and head out to leave some encouraging and fun messages to loved ones and friends. No technology needed.

In a time where technology is seemingly endless, it is easy for people and communities to stay connected through an unprecedented crisis. Over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, social media has helped lead campaigns regarding the shut down it has caused in America and it has helped people stay together while being in separate places. Quarantine is becoming more and more social because of technology. However, if this pandemic would have happened, lets say, ten years ago, things would be drastically different. While social media is great, there are still plenty of other “old fashioned” ways you can stay connected without a device. 



  • Signed, Sealed, Delivered


That’s right, letters. Writing letters is as old as can be. Frankly, there are kids today who do not even know how to properly address a letter, and that is simply because texting is way faster. But letter writing takes time, thought, and is exciting. I know personally, I always get excited when something comes for me in the mail because it doesn’t happen often. So, write some letters to friends, even if you text/zoom/chat with them daily. 


  • Chalk It Up

    Kierigan McEvoy
    Give a little laugh by telling knock knock jokes to your neighbors and friends via chalk.


Stop by your friends’ houses and leave some messages for them on their driveway or the street in front of their house. Maybe share an inside joke or a positive quote you like. You could even challenge them to a drawing contest and get some friends to drive by and cast their vote with chalk tallies. 


  • Ready, Set, Bake


Love baking yummy treats? Get out your favorite recipe and whip up something special. Leave a little bag of goodies outside your loved one’s houses to make their day. Nothing says “I miss you” like some good food from a great friend. 


  • House Party


Birthdays, anniversaries, and other milestone celebrations are looking a little different than usual. Celebrate your friends and loved ones even while quarantining by making some signs for their yard or getting some friends together for a drive by. Celebrating is important, especially now when everyone could use a little party hat and confetti popper to brighten their day.


  • Take a Lap


With nowhere to go and the weather getting nicer, people are doing anything and everything to get outside, even if it is just in their yards. Take a walk around your neighborhood and say hey. See what people have been up to, who knows, maybe it will give you some ideas on how to stay productive too. 


  • Call Them Up


We all know FaceTime and Zoom is now the new phone call, but why not call? Call and if no one answers, leave a voicemail. Let them know how much you miss them; let them hear it in your voice. Don’t worry about doing your hair up all nice, putting on something other than sweatpants and a t-shirt to go video chat. Just a simple call is all you need to make people feel loved and valued. 


Here is a start for you to get out there and stay connected without looking at a screen. So often, the world hides behind the facade social media presents, and while in a time where human interaction is limited, it can be a tool for good, but there are still plenty of quarantine safe activities you can participate in to get some in-person connection.