Softball’s Conclusion

As the softball season comes to a conclusion, players reflect on the differences that surfaced this year.


Holly McClintock

Junior Alyssa Haile hits the softball with a strong swing.

This year has proven to be difficult on everyone, including students. The softball team is nowhere near different. With the dramatic changes to the year came dramatic changes to the softball season. Nonetheless, the team finished strong and the girls were happy to play with each other.

Junior shortstop Alyssa Haile reflected on the season and how it impacted the team. 

“I feel like this year was a great opportunity to find our grit and push ourselves to accomplish more,” Haile said. “Especially with quarantines and everything else.” 

Junior middle infielder Emily Chadwick also looked back on the past season and how it was different than any other seasons. 

“The season as a whole was good,” Chadwick said. “We had some hardships with people getting quarantined, but overall whenever it counted we came together as a team.”

Regardless of the sport, all seasons were a little different this year. Junior center fielder Josie Bezzole commented on the change. 

“It was difficult because six people on the team got quarantined because of contact tracing, including me,” Bezzole said. “Also, our main pitcher was out so we had to pull a lot of JV players up to play.”

With the challenges that came with this season, the softball team still managed to give it their all, and had fun while doing it.