Dripping in Pride

The girls swim team had a relay race on Friday, Dec. 18, at the Rec-Plex and received third place. It was a night of hard work and fun. The girls did their relays and at the end got to do some fun relays such as the  “T-shirt Race” and “Santa and his Reindeer”. The girls stayed positive throughout the whole meet and kept each other motivated. Junior, Sarah Percy thinks that on top of having a positive mindset and attitude these meets make their team stronger.

“Honestly, we just try to have fun with it. We’ve kind of developed this mindset  that yeah winning is great and we all love to get first place in a race,” Percy said. “It’s okay if we don’t  because we’re there to get better and closer with the rest of the girls.” 

The team hopes to keep this mindset and become closer with one another to become stronger as a whole. Their next meet will be on Monday, Jan. 11 at the Rec-Plex for the girl’s senior night and tri-meet.