Plugging in to Championships

The FHC E-Sports team will be participating in Overwatch Championships on Jan. 14


Provided by Essy Ingram

Very Important Persons: The FHC E-Sports team competed in state semifinals Jan. 12th. They will be moving into finals being held on Jan. 14.

The FHC Esports Club has officially entered their Championship Week! Last night, Jan. 12, the club faced off in the semifinals and proved victorious as they compete in the finals on Jan 14. Club sponsor and organizer counsellor Mr. Kris Miller is proud of the team and their victory however, he remains humble and the team will do the same.

“I try to keep their heads on straight, help them with their teamwork and communication and hold them accountable when they are slacking or falling short of their ability,” Mr. Miller said. “We have to keep our egos in check and not let our guard down against a really tough team for Thursdays state finals [and] when we won the regional title in December, we earned the right to represent Missouri in the national finals next month.”

Mr. Miller hopes that the team captains and veteran players do all of this to ensure a victory in finals.

“If we win Thursday we are the first ever MO state Overwatch champions,” Mr. Miller said. “They really work hard and teach each other. We are always trying to develop our younger players and help them learn to step up as [senior] players graduate.”

E-Sports is a student led organization that started around 2019 within the school and is mostly played at home with contact being made through social networking sites like Discord and audience viewing being made available through the E-Sports teams Twitch account, @fhc_esports.

“I don’t have the game skill or knowledge to really coach the team,” Mr. Miller said. “This program is very student led though so I can’t take credit for their success.”