Eyes Set

The boy wrestling team already have their minds on next season


Aniya Sparrow

Matthew Godier pins his opponent down. Match date was Dec. 12th.

Preparing for the season’s end, the boys wrestling team is looking back at their preformance. Like most atheltes, senior Alex Vogel always wants to achieve more and reach his goals. He feels he has improved since last season, and he isn’t alone. 

“My coaches told me they have seen a huge amount of improvement from last year to this year, and that I look like a whole different wrestler,” Vogel said.

On the other side, sophomore Brandon Spies’ season went in a direction he wasn’t expecting. Spies was pulled up to varsity. Being unprepared, Spies said he did not get the results he wanted. 

Knowing he didn’t perform his best this season, he is preparing for the next.

“I’m going to go to the off season workouts,” Spies said.

Though the boys are focused on personal performance, as a team they strive to reach their goals and exceed expectations. Francis Howell Central is ranked fifth in the state but of course the team and coaches have their eyes set on the number one spot.

“As a team we feel proud of our accomplishments,” Vogel said.