A Sweet Tooth’s Guide to Crumbl Cookies

Cottleville features a new gourmet cookie shop: Crumbl Cookies


Amy Rham

Crumbl Cookies has a rotating menu with 4 new cookies each week.

The smell of freshly baked cookies rushes to you as you open the door. You’re greeted by pristine white countertops accented with the pink cookie boxes. A little further into the store and you see the mixers on as bakers measure out their flour and sugar. On one table, frosting is being swirled by hand onto a sugar cookie, while on another, dough is carefully being scooped and weighed out. As someone pops a tray of dough into the oven, you hear, “Hi! Welcome to Crumbl!”

Crumbl Cookies, located right next to Schnucks on Mid Rivers, is a gourmet cookie shop. With over 150 different types of cookies, you’re sure to find one just for you. Each week, they offer a signature milk chocolate chip and chilled frosted sugar cookie, as well as four weekly flavors, perfectly paired with their homemade ice cream.

So what’s the hype all about?



I like Crumbl because of the variety and flexibility. They are open later than a lot of stores, which means I can go after a late practice and pick up a cookie on my way home, and can count on it to be warm and fresh. The dough is made in store every day with fresh eggs and real butter. Furthermore, the vast number of cookies means there’s almost always a new flavor to try. 

Sugar: The signature chilled sugar is a unique year round flavor. I like the thick swirl of almond frosting paired with the chilled cookie itself, although you can ask for one without frosting if you aren’t a fan of almond flavoring. I will admit that as much as I love this cookie, its size and type means it’s really sweet, and although enjoyable, the cookies are huge! It only takes a bite or two to be filled and yet still not have eaten even half. As someone who isn’t overly fond of sweets and desserts, these cookies are pretty loaded with sugar.

Chocolate Chip: Their milk chocolate chip cookie is also a year round flavor. I personally, again, am not the biggest fan of milk chocolate, so this cookie isn’t my top choice. I can’t deny that it’s a great chocolate chip cookie, but I don’t get it as often. Despite this, I have heard and been witness to many stories of fans’ undying love for this cookie so I would encourage you to go try this cookie for yourself.


Drawbacks: Although they feature a vast selection of flavors and styles, they lack versatile dietary options, such as a gluten free cookie. As previously mentioned, their size is definitely big enough to share, which means you’re paying the price for a BIG cookie! (But it’s definitely worth it!) If you plan on trying all six cookies, I’d consider making a new friend. After all, the fastest way to the heart is through the stomach!


Catering: Crumbl offers mini cookies for their catering services. This comes with a list of more cookie options than the weekly six, so you can customize your order however you’d like. The catering cookies are absolutely adorable and still come fully decked out with the toppings and decorations, perfect for any occasion!


Ice cream:

The Crumbl Cream has a consistency similar to custard. It’s very soft and creamy. It also has bits of the cookie folded in! Although the flavors aren’t particularly pronounced or concentrated, I enjoy the unique flavors they offer such as lemon poppyseed, raspberry cheesecake, and muddy buddy. 


Overall, I feel Cottleville Crumbl is an exciting new addition to the community. I love the environment, products, and concepts of the store, and you’re sure to see me there picking up another cookie.

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