A Kickin’ Comeback

The girls soccer team won their second match against Fort Zumwalt West

Yesterday, April 15, the varsity girls soccer team won 2-1 against Fort Zumwalt West. It was a killer comeback from the last time they faced Fort Zumwalt West in the conference opener on March 30. Senior Lily Chung was especially proud of the team.

“[This game] was probably the best game we’ve played yet and it was also one of the most important games we’ll play,” Chung said. “It was the win we needed to get us back in the right mindset.”

The team knows their strengths and they know their weaknesses. As they continue on to what is hopefully a prosperous season, they’re working out any kinks that may be hindering their full potential. 

“The main thing we’re working on right now is our positioning on the field, adjusting it according to how our opponents play,” Chung said. 

Senior Faith Bridges also recognizes where there’s room for improvement. 

“We just need to learn how to get the ball in the back of the net,” Bridges said. “Our strength is definitely our defensive shape.” 

The girls soccer team continues to improve as they overcome any hurdles that stand in their way. 

“There’s still a lot of things we need to work out, especially with such a young team this year,” Chung said. “But we’re making progress in the right direction.”