Determined at Districts

The varsity boys baseball team goes to districts ready and determined to give it their all.


Samantha Castille

The varsity baseball team stands in the dugout watching as the game progresses.

After a fantastic first win in districts, the boys baseball team took a tough, season ending loss against the Francis Howell Vikings. 

The boys team finished the season with a fabulous effort and was in the game all the way to the end. 

Senior Ryan Hoshaw explains how he felt the team performed. 

“It was a very fun and energetic game to be a part of,” said Hoshaw. “It was a very intense game back and forth and a battle throughout all of it.”

Hoshaw also added how rewarding this season was for FHC. 

“Being able to say we turned the program in the right direction is probably the best thing to happen this year,” said Hoshaw. “I know from here on it’s only going to go up for the baseball program and I will miss playing with all the guys and the environment high school sports brings.”

Sophomore Aidan Hernandez agreed with Hoshaw that this season was a rewarding and fulfilling one for the baseball team. 

“The best part was coming to practice everyday and being with my teammates,” said Hernandez. “And the most rewarding part of the season was getting Coach Beckmann his first district game win in his first season coaching.”

Hernandez also added the impact the senior class has left on the underclassmen. 

“I will miss the senior group we had the most,” said Hernandez. “Our team was a tight knit group because of them, and I’ll miss having them around.” 

Sophomore Nick Ortinau also commented about the impact the senior class is leaving behind and the lasting relationships he made from this season. 

“All of us battling for the past three months being together everyday has created a bond we will never be able to get back,” said Ortinau. “I’ll miss the seniors the most because they were people I looked up to through the season and next year will be very different without them.”

The boys finished their season with a record of 14 wins and 1 loss.