All Racked Up

Boys tennis season comes to an end


Coach Jeremy Rohrbach

Some players from the team standing together proudly, wearing their medals.

This season has drawn to a close for the boys tennis team. After not having played the 2020 season, the team started off with some difficulty, but managed to overcome and even send two players to state. Sophomore Charles Benoist reflected on the team’s improvement over the course of the season.

“This season, I feel like the team kind of started out where not everyone was quite where they were, and then as the year went on, they got a lot better,” Benoist said.

Senior Colin Emerson agrees with Benoist’s assessment of the team’s development.

“This year, I think we started off not very together,” Emerson said. “But when the team came together and we had a lot more team bonding, I noticed that we did a lot better during the games.”

Emerson added that the team’s increasing dedication improved their performance.

“As the season went on, we all got more into tennis and it became a bigger part of our lives, making us focus on it more,” Emerson said.

Benoist even said that the last match he played was the best he’d played all season.

“I could have done better, obviously, but I performed probably better than I did for the rest of the entire year,” Benoist said.

Senior Matthew Buckmaster feels that the team has great potential going forward for future seasons.

“This year the team did amazing,” Buckmaster said. “We got some great underclassmen that will go on to do great things in the upcoming years. We were even able to send two of our players [to state], which was a big accomplishment, even though I wish we could’ve sent more.”

Emerson and Buckmaster both have advice for these underclassmen to help them achieve in the future playing tennis.

“Practice during the offseason,” Emerson said. “That will make you a lot better.”

“I’d just say, find that hunger to get better,” Buckmaster said. “It’s so much fun finding new ways to improve, or perfecting a technique. Really focus on mastering your strengths and improving your game.”