Pep In Our Step

1,500 students and staff came together in the large gym on Friday, Feb. 10, for our annual winter pep assembly! Each student section was broken off by grade, and every grade was loud and proud in the stands, cheering on every activity that was showcased. From pie eating contests, the Sensations Stud’s performance, and the teachers versus students basketball game, the energy was high from start to finish.  Activities Director Scott Harris expresses how important pep assemblies and school spirit are at FHC.

“I think the pep assembly went very well, there was great crowd participation and student involvement. School spirit and school attachment are such a big thing,” Harris said. “It allows us to recognize the seasonal athletes and activities we have here, and it gives us the chance to increase our school spirit.”

We are looking forward to the next school pep assembly, coming up in the spring. FHC hopes to continue building school spirit from each assembly going forward!