They Had the Time of Their Life

The annual Mr. FHC competition had a packed crowd to watch 16 boys showcase their different talents, competing to win the title of Mr. FHC. On Fri. March 10, the boys prepared their entrances, answered questions, and performed talented acts to impress the judges. There were three categories that each of the 16 boys could possibly win. Seniors Nick Ortinau, Joey Seevers, Trevor Nichols, Dominic Debro, and Nathan Reitz were winners of the Fan Favorite category. Senior Izaiah Chambers won Mr. Moneybags and senior Cullen Humes took home the prize of Mr. FHC. All of the acts had the crowd excited and laughing in their seats, but seniors Joey Seevers and Jerry Forno were very popular with their rendition of “I’ve Had The Time Of My Life” from the classic 80’s movie Dirty Dancing. Forno explains how he felt all the acts went during the night.

“Overall I think it went well. I really enjoyed watching and listening to all of the acts,” Forno expresses. “Regarding my act, I think Joey and I did really good as well. He definitely deserved to get Fan Favorite.”

As the year comes to a close, the next group of senior men will be getting ready for the next opportunity to perform and compete to be the next Mr. FHC.