Shining Seniors

Over 200 seniors from all three high schools in the Francis Howell District attended the 4.0 luncheon on Fri. March 31. The 4.0 luncheon is an annual event held for seniors that have maintained a G.P.A of 4.0 or above during their four years.  Seniors were given a complimentary lunch and dessert as the ceremony began, along with Wagner Portrait Group in attendance to take photos of each senior. Once the event began, each senior was called up to receive their medal, which also included a brief statement about what they plan to do after graduation. Senior Jade Del-Rosario Schroeder explains how she felt at the event.

“It was nice to have all the schools in one place,” Schroeder said. “The organization was great and it was cool to hear what people were doing after high school.”

As the year comes to a close, seniors will soon be graduating and going off to accomplish new goals in their adult lives. Graduation will be held on Sat. June 3.