Preparing for State and Studs

The Sensations talk about their feelings on their State competition this Saturday and the upcoming Studsations performance.

This Saturday, the Sensations will be competing at the MDTA State competition. The girls will be performing their hip-hop and jazz routines in Kansas City.

“We had a really good practice and feel really excited and motivated for State,” senior Taylor Luehrs said.

Luehrs feels they get more school support for State than for Nationals.

“Our school understands and supports us more at State because we’re competing against schools that they know,” Luehrs said. “We have a hard category [in the State competition] because we are dancing against so many good schools, but we are hoping that we will still place,” Luehrs said.

The Sensations will be competing against schools such as Francis Howell North, Fort Zumwalt West, Lindbergh, Liberty and Lee Summit North.

The Sensations will compete for the last time as a team at State.

“It’s a little upsetting that it’s our last time competing together because we have 11 seniors, but next year, all kinds of new girls are going to try out, so that’s something to look forward to,” freshman Bailey Van Beers said. “I’m nervous for State, but also excited. We know the dances, so we just have to go out there and do our best.”

This upcoming Friday, the anticipated Studsations routine will be performed at the varsity basketball game against Fort Zumwalt West. The Studs routine is when the Sensations dance with junior and senior guys, known as the Studsations. This year, the Studs routine is a hip-hop routine that the juniors on the team created.

“Studs are exciting and not as stressful as competition. It’s a fun note to end the season on,” Van Beers said.

Van Beers is partnered with senior Ryan Schindler for the Studs performance.

“It’s easy to work with [Schindler;] he knows the dance well,” Van Beers said.

The Studs performance will be the final performance for the 2013-2014 Sensations.

“I’m sad about ending the year because I probably won’t dance again,” Luehrs said. “I feel like the year was good overall.”

Support the Sensations by wishing them luck for their State competition tomorrow!